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Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled what you wonder about our products and services below.


Our customers do not have to sign a maintenance and support agreement unless they want to. However, the maintenance agreement ensures that services such as version updates, hot support over email and telephone are available at a more affordable price. We would like to remind you that it will be more meaningful to continue with the maintenance agreement after the Model ERP is live.

Model ERP is licensed on a user basis. In determining the number of users, the number of concurrent users using Model ERP at the same time is taken into consideration.

After going live , a maintenance and support contract is signed between the Model and the customer. Within the scope of the maintenance and support contract, new versions of the program are provided free of charge, get in contact is guaranteed, and an unlimited number of email and telephone support is available. Regular visits are also made to assess your current situation and keep you informed of the innovations of the Model.

Model ERP has been developed entirely modular. Therefore, it can be purchased individually on a module basis.

Buying ERP is more than just buying a software. It should be considered as the project of establishing an organization’s nerve system. For this reason, Model considers ERP projects as “Corporate Discipline Projects” We argue that such critical projects cannot have a standard price list. Just as each institution’s institutionalization process is specific to that corporate, the adaptation of ERP software, that should be considered as a corporate discipline tool, should be specific to that institution. Therefore, within the framework of the project approach, your corporate is examined and the proposal is presented in the form of project price. However, it is also possible to offer proposals to prospective customers who wish to receive offers with a package program approach.

Model has grown steadily since 1992 and has gained an important place in the Turkish software industry. The R & D company, which constantly renews itself with its deep-rooted business processes, has made it possible to adapt itself to changing conditions. On the other hand, the open source architecture that provides “insurance” for our customers is a technological value that minimizes its dependence on the Model. If our customers wish, they may choose to use Model ERP even without making a maintenance agreement with Model.

Model ERP is a fully integrated, innovative and scalable ERP solution designed independently of the sector and adapted to the needs of its customers. ERP model has been completely developed in Turkey. Support, customization and software development services are provided from Turkey.

Model ERP was also developed by Model and developed on Anadil Software Development Platform ©, which is supported by TUBITAK within the scope of R & D project.

Model takes into consideration the legal changes in the first place and ensures that its customers fulfill their legal responsibilities in a timely and complete manner. In addition, changes to the main version, which include customer expectations and requests, are released every 2 years. Smaller versions are released once a year. In addition, thanks to the unique technological convenience provided by Anadil © component architecture, customer-specific changes and updates can be made in a fast cycle. If possible, fatal errors are encountered they are resolved within the same day and reflected to our customers.

Yes. Model ERP is developed by the Anadil Software Development Platform © and all source codes are open. Our customers can develop software as complex as Model ERP software with their own software teams.

Model ERP can establish data exchange and workflow integration with 3rd party software by any method (such as XML, web service, direct database tables or procedures, text files etc.).

After the master cards such as customer master date, inventory master data, account plan master date are taken from the old system, we expect our customers to go over these data and make it ready to import to Model ERP. It is often encountered that the stock code or current code structure is not sufficient. In such cases, the coding must be done from the beginning and transferred to the Model ERP. At this point, we provide the necessary support to our customers.

Model ERP uses Microsoft SQL Server as the database system.

Model ERP is fully compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016, 32 or 64 bit versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems.

  • Data conversion and data transfer activities for correction of any information that is missing or incorrect as a result of errors caused by Model ERP.
  • Correction of any software errors that would prevent CUSTOMER from actually using Model ERP.
  • Eliminate any errors and data mismatches that may occur in the modules where no correction is required after any correction made by MODEL * Eliminating any errors that may occur in the Windows operating system or SQL Server system as a result of any error caused by Model ERP.

Model ERP can be used by users at multiple locations. For this purpose, a network connection between the database server and the user computers is sufficient. In order to establish a secure network connection, we recommend that our prospective customers receive professional support from their IT departments or IT companies from which they get service. Remote connection in the form of VPN and Remote Desktop applications is possible. In addition, the Anadil Software Development Platform © enables the users work through VPN as if it were working on the same network.

Model ERP is a large-scale software with many customization parameters and many modules. For this reason, instead of installing the demo version to the prospective customers, we recommend a few days of demonstration and workshops.

After the preliminary meeting and analysis is completed, the demo can be done if requested.

  • Good network infrastructure,
  • Database server with a Windows Server operating system (basic, medium or advanced server architecture) and Microsoft SQL Server database software,
  • 32 or 64 bit Windows (Win7, Win8, Win10) operating system on users’ computers.

You can request a demo, or you may wish to receive information.

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